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What Is Colloidal Gold? 
     The most simple definition is microscopic size gold molecule clusters suspended in pure water by water tension (the "sticky" nature of water (h2o).


Why Colloidal Gold?
      Many ancient cultures pursued gold for its spiritual benefits. The Conquistadors pursued the trails of gold all though the Andes looking for El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth. El Dorado literally means “the Golden One.” The people of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Israel possessed knowledge of an alchemical process to not only make gold from lower elements (the Philosopher’s Stone), but also to transform gold into a high-spun, monatomic state, which was used to attain higher sates of consciousness.
      Gold is one of the absolute best conductors of electricity. For this reason, some believe it is beneficial to nerve and brain function. However, this is controversial and not agreed upon. Critically, Colloidal Gold prepared improperly can damage nerves - why it is a dangerous product to buy from anyone making in their garage or kitchen, despite how professional their website and bottle label looks.
      On the more practical side of things, Colloidal Gold uses are varied and many. Scientists have used Colloidal Gold as a cell maker as it naturally stimulates cellular growth.
Correct Color of Colloidal Gold?
     Colloidal Gold's color is directly related to the size of the particles in the water. Smaller particles (Good Colloidal Gold) will appear to be a deep red color while larger particles (useless) will appear anywhere from purple to blue to a light gray color.
     The color matters also greatly in terms of safety. If it is not red color that means it was not manufactured correctly and this does poise a serious health damage risk.
     Our Colloidal Gold is pure, of the correct particle size and contains no added color, fillers or other fake ingredients to increase PPM count. We are a major health products supply company since 1983. You can trust our quality and the legitimacy of our products.
 DIRECTIONS: Gently shake bottle before opening. Put 4 to 8 drops under tongue for 10 to 30 seconds and then swallow, 2 to 3 times a day. Alternatively you may put 8 ounces in water and swallow. You may do so at mealtime or not.
PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION: Do NOT take within 1 hour of taking prescription medication and eat something (such as a couple of crackers) before taking prescription medication if you are using Colloidal Gold.
STORAGE: Unlike REAL Colloidal Silver which will never spoil or weaken, Colloidal Gold has the same spoilage/fouling nature as pure water - meaning it can become contaminated and "spoiled." For this reason, Colloidal Gold should be refrigerated. Generally it has a 2 year shelf life if refrigerated.
FREEZING COLLOIDAL GOLD? Yes, you can freeze it to greatly extend its storage life. However, be careful as sometimes plastic bottles will burst if full and frozen. You best chance to avoid this is to not have the bottle too full and lay it on its side (after you insure the cap seal is not leaking.) This allows the expanding freezing water more space to expand.

When you thaw it out put it in a large enough outer bowl to catch the liquid if the bottle was cracked when frozen.
Will Colloidal Gold Weaken Over time? Very slightly. Gold is much heavier than water and is soft. It can somewhat start to settle with some collecting on the bottom. Being soft, some of the microscopic particles may somewhat stick together. While no gold is lost, that tiny amount is less effective. Gently shaking the bottle for a second will reverse this.

How To Extend Storage Life of Colloidal Gold? In addition to freezing it, you can combine it with Colloidal Silver.  Colloidal Silver will destroy essentially any bacteria and fungus and therefore virtually will never spoil or weaken. Colloidal Gold has no biocidal properties - allowing it - like bottled water - to "go bad" eventually. Adding Colloidal Silver to Colloidal Gold significantly increases the storage life. The higher percentage of Colloidal Silver, the longer then non-frozen storage life is extended. We offer a 50/50 Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold Mix down another webpage found here.

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Colloidal Gold 100ppm
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Colloidal Gold 100ppm
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Colloidal Gold 100ppm
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