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Two Ounce to Gallons of Concentrated Colloidal Silver & Gold

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Open Letter to merchants

Dear Merchants,

     Colloidal silver and gold are excellent additions to your product offerings to your health and dietary products customers. A real bonus comes with colloidal silver because it has a code date of over 10 years - and essentially will never spoil nor weaken. This is one product you won't have to put on the mark-down table due to expiring product. Our 50/50 colloidal silver and gold blend has a code date of over 5 years.

   Most retail stores and online health products merchants do not offer colloidals, allowing you a unique offering to customers. In addition, there are such price reductions for larger quantity bottles it allows the beneficial sales comment of "for only a little more you can double how much you get" to increase ticket totals.

    We also offer mixed packs so your customers can tell you which size they prefer.

     For orders over $50, we offer private labeling with your business logo and business name, website, address and/or phone number. Just provide us a usable logo and the information by email.

     For most retailers, it is those extra add-ons that make the difference and colloidals are such a product.

     Best wishes your for success,

 Pure Health Discounts